Student Representative Council members have been elected for 2015.  To see photos of this years members click here


At the first official meeting of the 2015 Student Representative Council, the students were asked 2 questions. Here are their thoughtful responses, which show just how ready they are for this role.


What does it mean to be an SRC rep?

- SRC’s have lots of ideas

- They are honest

- They put in a lot of effort

- They are good role models

- To be responsible

- To be able to change the school

- To make the school a safer place

- To be able to do great stuff for the school

- To have the students’ ideas – not just teachers/adults

- To talk to your class about what you have talked about in your SRC   meeting

- Taking responsibility for your class

- Making the school a better place by caring for it and the equipment

- Organise events

- Get something for someone if they don’t have it

- Be the voice of your class and the school

- Try our best in everything

- Be helpful to others

- Let everybody have a fair go

- Be well behaved


What can this group do for our school in 2015?

- Keep the school clean

- Create a new menu for the canteen

- Make sure that all of the taps keep working

- Fundraise for charities

- Clean the toilets

-  Make sure that nothing breaks and that everything is safe

-  Put more art on display

-  Make sure the asphalt is safe

-  Make a pool

-  On a Wednesday grade 3-6 pickup rubbish around the yard and on a   Friday prep-2 picks up rubbish

-  Plant more plants/trees or water the plants more

-  Provide dairy products for kids

- Fundraise for more outside equipment

- Get more cubbies.

- Get more classroom equipment, including maths equipment, science   kits, books for the library and computers/iPads

- Improve our school

- Make more fun things to do at school

- Get class pets/fish tank

- Build a tree house